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Nevah's post, 19 May 2016

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                   Hour of Empower 

Hour of empower is not just building stuff and have fun it is learning about making stuff to learn about it is like this 

1 pladoe

2 Lago's 

3 ozobot.

4 dash and dot

5 slides 

6 books 

7 clocks

8 coding 

9 b



Nevah's post, 29 April 2016

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                      Recycling ♻️

Recycling help the world recycle milk and cartons and plastic and soda cans and cardboard boxes these are products that can be easily recled? 

The Recycling loop 

The recycling loop is a symbol 

for recycling it is an image of 

three arrows that from a loop 

Each arrow is meant represent 


Nevah's post, 19 April 2016

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Dear Mrs.Lofton,

can you let Mrs. Jena ball come too our school .because she thought all of us that nobody is perfect. she said too be Respectful to everyone and share but not be "BULLIES" . She taught us to love dogs and puppies. Dogs ain't dogs, dogs are fronds. dogs love you and you love them all 

                BY Nevah, 

Nevah's post, 15 March 2016

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                    My father's dragon 

I think the rhino is going to clean his horn with a 

toothbrush his boots get stuck in the mud and 

sticky leaves 7 tigers that would that say they want to eat him.

Nevah's post, 23 February 2016

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                     Alaska Glacier Bay 

The humpback whales 

eat schoolfish and the 

seals get eating by whales 

There Is to kinds of bears the black and brown 

and there is a wolves 

In the summer the moose have their babies 

The ocean is cold because glacier fall.

Nevah's post, 22 January 2016

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My slide was good everyone likes it I learn about puppies I feel so much better now but now I'm storing 

Nevah's post, 10 December 2015

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He roll on his back and said I'm so sorry then he forgave. him and then they stop bullying To stop bullying. from. getting .started you can tell someone or mom or dad or teacher then they will help. Say sorry Shake hands.

Nevah's post, 03 December 2015

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Not Perfect I try my best on .math but I mess-up even I mess-up .drawing .win I brush my hair I get sad but I sed eveywon is not perfect.

Nevah's post, 20 November 2015

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Thanksgiving on the mayflower The mayflower land in November 1602 and when the Wampanoag come the mayflower teach them how to speak English then they will be feri's

Selfie Poem Nevah’s post, 19 November 2015

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I am lucky and nice.
I understand my life.
I worry about my family and friends .
I believe in my family loves me.

I hope my grandma won’t die.

I’m lucky and nice.
I hope my mom have a dad.

I am lucky and nice.
I am a able to ride a horse