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Violet's post, 19 May 2016

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                     My School year

      I liked math and reading and the bicentennial pool and the math kahoot and my teacher teaching me. I learned I learned times and division and time. I changed because I was good at math and reading now I am supper at math and reading. I wish I could change about the school year that I had harder test and harder success maker and harder reading goals. My goals are that I have 5 grade reading levels and that I want to achieve 100  percent of my reading goals and all the other goals to be at 100 percent.

Violet's post, 13 May 2016

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If I were an immigrant I would take my clothes and shoes and 3 or 4 toys and hats and books and that is it because that is all I can carry. It would be hard for me to leave behind all my toys and my pets and 

my house and maybe even some family that mite not want to go to New York and have a better life. I wonder if some of my ansesters were on the bout? I wonder if any of the people on the bout got a better life? I think they did but you never no. I wonder if not all the people in a village went to New York I wonder why they did not go to New York? Maybe they did not go to New York because they did not want to leave there family that did not go to New York behind? Maybe they did not want to leave there pets and all the things they love behind?

Violet's post, 11 May 2016

Violet 0 Comment(s) Empower Hour

                    Hour of Empower 

It was awesome. I learned that when you are written you need to look at some writing. Then you take some notes about the topic that you want to write about. Then you write the paragraphs. Last you make it into a book by write who, were, when, and how. Then publish you book.

Violet's post, 02 May 2016

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It has rainbow 

colored wings

It is sparkly 

It has pink 

feet and a 

rainbow face

It has swirls 

on its wings

The light was

sparkly, bright, yellow,

little shadows

I hear voices,

leaves, rain and 


Why was it

raining so compressed 

I feel happy 

I feel beautiful 

I feel sparkly

I feel happy 

I feel happy

I feel happy

Violet's post, 22 April 2016

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Recycling is a way to take trash that you no longer need and turn it in to a new product.There are many different things that can be recycled.Some materials that are often recycled are plastic ,glass,   metal,paper, and electronics.Some items that are made from these materials include soda cans, plastic milk cartons, newspapers, old computers and cardboard boxes.These are products that can be easily recycled! There are many different benefits to recycling.I am going to tell you some. When items are recycled there is less trash.This saves space in dumps and landfills. When we recycle we are using items over and over again. This protects the earths natural resources.

Violet's post, 12 April 2016

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Dear Mrs.Lofton, 

I want Miss Jena ball to come to are school because she taught us the importance of not being perfect,okay with mistakes.We need to aim for excellence not perfection. She taught us how to be a illustrator.

Love ,Violet

Violet's post, 29 March 2016

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Hi I am Anibelle. I need a home. If you get me please take care of me. I am kind,sweet,and nice.I love people ho take care of me. I need more food and water.I do tricks and stunts.

Violet's post, 15 March 2016

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1 I wonder if he is going to meet a rinosoris.

I wonder If he is going to capture the rinosoris if he meets one.

2 Why are the two boars talking about a monkey carying a monkey to the hospital. 

3.Why are the two boars talking about a monkey carying a monkey to the hospital 

Violet's post, 14 March 2016

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I think that the boy will set a trap and the tigers will walk right into  the trap. The boy was in the jungle and the boy was walking along the side of the swamp and herd a noise and saw some eyes and 7 tigers jumped out from the bushes and wanted to eat the boy because the tigers were hungry 

Violet's post, 25 February 2016

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I just became a park ranger. I learned that humpback whales eat schools of fish.Orcas have a big tooth it is about 2 or 3 in.I learned that the glacier has been around for a long time. The moose at Glacier bay eat plants and flower and if it is winter if they have to they will eat bark off of trees.