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Brycen's post, 19 May 2016

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                          My school year 

          I like math and reading and Kahoot and tests. I learned times and time and money. I changed because I ...

Brycen's post, 12 May 2016

Brycen 1 Comment(s) Empower Hour

                          Hour of empower


 I learned that weather can be really dangerous and you have to have ...

Brycen's post, 22 April 2016

Brycen 1 Comment(s) Science


      Recycling is a way to take trash that we no longer need and turn it into ...

Brycen's post, 12 April 2016

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Dear Mrs. Lofton,

I want Miss. Jena ball to come to our school  because she  taught me the importance of not being perfect, okay we make mistakes. And she taught me to...

Brycen's post, 01 April 2016

Brycen 0 Comment(s) Empower Hour

I learned that the microchip mostly makes the clock work.


Look at my pictures.

I liked everything.

Brycen's post, 29 March 2016

Brycen 1 Comment(s) Writing

Hi, I am Annabelle I need a good home. I will be a good little dog and I won't run away. I am kind and a loving dog. I need a yard with a finsce. If I was Annabelle I would site and and roll and Chry to make sombutty get me. If I was Annabelle I would flop eras up.

Brycen's post, 14 March 2016

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He takes gum out of his backpack and chose it and throws it to the tigers and he gets away. He is brave because he was not skeard. I think that he is going to take a toothbrush and brush a rhino.

Brycen's Biography Post

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Brycen's post, 23 February 2016

Brycen 1 Comment(s) Science


I learned that whales glop 15,000 of water and that  is the size of a pool. Bears eat salmon. The only bears that live in Alaska is brown bears and Blake bear. The killer whales eat otters and the otters get on a broken ice berg. The killer whales have cool teeth.

Brycen's post, 27 January 2016

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Snakes can be slimy, dangerous, scary,