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Harmony's post, 19 May 2016

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                         My school year

I liked Kahoot,Skype, google hangouts, robots, iPads,P.E,art,media,music,vocabulary,math,reading,

our animals, resess,going to the court house,Mrs.dawn coming,lunch...

Harmony's post, 13 May 2016

Harmony 0 Comment(s) Social Studies

If I were an immigrant I would bring shampoo,conditioner,blanket,board game,book,brush,hair spray,clothes, water, food, a toy to sleep with.

It would be hard to ...

Harmony's post, 11 May 2016

Harmony 0 Comment(s) Empower Hour

                        Hour of empower

I like hour of empower because I'm more interested in sea turtles. I would change it to 2hours.l think every class should do it. Because you can learn a lot more. And I want to do it every day. I learned a ...

Harmony's post, 06 May 2016

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Its red it can fly. It's a bird. It has wings. It has some black. It was morning time. The sun was rising. I saw it at my dads

Harmony's post, 22 April 2016

Harmony 1 Comment(s) Science

Recycling is a way to take trash that we no longer need. Recycling is when you recycle cans news papers and car board. It help the earth because there's less trash. It save space in dumps and land fill. They use it over again.

Harmony's post, 19 April 2016

Harmony 1 Comment(s) Science


The praying mantis din't do that much yet. The tadpoles have there arms. The caterpillars in a chrysalis or caccoon. The lady bugs are getting bigger. The tadpoles don't swim that much.

The lady bugs are long. Most of the lady bugs are on the plastic.

Maybe ...

Harmony's post, 11 April 2016

Harmony 2 Comment(s) Nphcblogit


Dear Mrs. Lofton,

I think next year Mrs. Jena should come to our school.She taught us how to draw dogs a easier way. Mrs. Jena taught us about dogs. She taught us everybody is different she taught it to us because every snowflake is different.I want her to come because she can teach everyone how to ...

Harmony's post, 01 April 2016

Harmony 0 Comment(s) Empower Hour

I learned about sea turtles and how they live. I think that went well is the book and my drawing. Put a little better ending

Harmony's post, 29 March 2016

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Hi I'm Grace

I love my food. My chew toy is a chicken. When I chew my toy all up they get me a new toy like today I got a new toy cat. Some times my owner lets me sleep in there bed I love there bed mine is ok. The house is AMAZING! Let me get to the point I'm just glad that I have a home.

Harmony's post, 17 March 2016

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