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Kaitlin's post, 13 May 2016

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If I was a imagrent I would bring close, my favorite toys, and some bread. It would be hard because there wouldn't be a lot of room and I might get lost.

Kaitlin's post, 27 April 2016

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Recycling is a way to take trash that we don't need and turn it in to a new product. Recycling saves room in dumps and landfills. Recycling also makes less pollution.

Kaitlin's post, 18 April 2016

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Dear, Mrs. Lofton                                       2016

I think Miss Jena Ball should come because she tought me... no body is perfect, that ...

Kaitlin's post, 14 March 2016

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Elmer was walking and saw 14 green eyes. Then here'd wispering. And it got closer and it was tigers. And they wanted to eat him but he gave them chewing gum but they still wanted to eat him. And he told them it was special chewing gum, and when it terns green and you can plant it to get more chewing gum, so they got distracted by the chewing ...

Kaitlin's post, 04 February 2016

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I liked it because you got to play. 

I noticed that you are learning and playing.

I learned that games involv learning. For example monopoly has money math in it.

I thought ...

Kaitlin's post, 27 January 2016

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I like spots, stripes, and dots.

Kaitlin's post, 08 January 2016

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Emperor penguins lay one egg. Adelie penguins lay two eggs. Emperor penguins can have some orange, yellow, and lilac. Adelie penguins only are black and white. Female emperor penguins leaves the father and the egg. Adelie parents both look after the egg.
Both penguins have black and white feathers. Both are penguins. Both are grate swimmers. Both live in Antarctica

Kaitlin's post, 03 December 2015

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Improving. When you are not perfect you improve. And you learn how to get better. And once you get better you improve a little. And then you can get great. Once you get great you improved as much as you can.

Kaitlin's post, 20 November 2015

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I learned… There was 102 pilgrims on the mayflower. Squanto was gone from his home for 10 years. It took 66 days for the pilgrims to get to America. The pilgrims 4 months to get the houses built. This is what I learned about the pilgrims and Wampanoag!

Selfie poemKaitlin's post, 19 November 2015

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I am happy and kind
I understand that no body is perfect
I worry about nothing
I believe in god

I hope that everyone says safe

I am happy and kind
I am fearless and lucky
I dream about being a rock star
I wonder if my dad will get a job in luweaseyanna
I try to do a round off
I want a skateboard
I am happy and kind