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Alexa's post, 20 May 2016

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Alexa's post, 19 May 2016

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                         My school year 

  1. I like to play on my iPad. And I like to read books. And I like to write my papers. And read chapter books.

  2. I learned about Ellis Island.

  3. I have changed that I don't like arguing but I like reading and writing.

  4. I wish I could change about trying my best.

  5. I want to get a A+ on my papers.

Alexa's post, 13 May 2016

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If I were an immigrant, I would take my toys,suitcase,and my movie. It would be hard to leave behind my puppy. I will miss my house with my stuff in there. I only take my jabber the parrot like Mrs. Stoufer got in her classroom. And I will take my movie called "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic." And I will bring my favorite books with me.

Alexa's post, 12 May 2016

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                     Hour of Empower

I learned that the robots name Dash and Dot are playful robots. They even move. They can say words like ''hi". And they dance. They can also use feelings like happy and sad. I liked it so much.

Alexa's post, 29 April 2016

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                  Thunder and lightning

A butterfly gets shelter from the storm.

It was rainy. 

Water got everywhere. 

The butterflies can hear thunder and lightning from the clouds 

it almost scared them.

Why butterflies get so scared of thunder and lightning?

In spring, 

a butterfly is happy to get pollen.

Alexa's post, 27 April 2016

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Recycling is a way to take trash that we no longer need and turn it into new products. There are many different things that can be recycled. Some materials that are often recycled are plastic,glass,metal, paper and electronics. Some items that are made from these materials include:soda cans,plastic milk cartons, newspaper, old computers and cardboard boxes. These are products that can be easily recycling!

Alexa's post, 11 April 2016

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Dear Mrs. Lofton,

 My friends like miss Jena to come here to the school. She is a great illustrator and writer. She made Not perfect hat club. And Ricky Robby. I am going to be so happy to see her. Her cat is named Oscar. But,he got a cold and I  hoped he will feel better soon. Oscar is orange and white. Have a great day today!



Alexa's post, 29 March 2016

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If I was Annabelle,I will do tricks like sit,lay down,

roll over.And my favorite,fetch. You throw a stick or a bone and I will get it and bring it back to you.

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Alexa's post, 14 March 2016

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 I think that the father takes the gum from the tigers and get out of the forest and find the dragon.