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Jaisa's post, 19 May 2016

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                        My school year

I liked that we got to do hour of empower I liked when we got to do thinking math Thursday and when we got to do nearpod and when we get to do reflex.

I learned that it is okay to make mistakes .

 I have changed from not liking writing to liking it.

I would like to go back in the school year and change reading tests. The goals I have for 3rd grade are improve reading skills learn how to do more division. 

Jaisa's post, 13 May 2016

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If I was an immigrant I would take one board game, 5 pieces of clothing, and lots of food, and my posters and my money. It would be hard to leave my cats my home and my books because I would not have any more hands to hold it with. If I was a immigrant  I would take this food apple, monkey bread,  and peanuts.

Jaisa's post, 12 May 2016

Jaisa 1 Comment(s) Empower Hour

                 Hour of empower 

I learned that it takes time to build. And that when you give up your brain gets lazy. I loved hour of empower because you get to do something you have never had done before. I love it when you get to code with robots. When you share it gets you an idea about what your next project is going to be.

Jaisa's post, 05 May 2016

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I saw a nice bunny 

It had sparkling blue eyes 

And silvery fur 

It was chubby 

It had a beautiful fluffy tale

I saw that it had pink on its feet

It was quiet

Nothing would scare the bunny 

Sounds of leaves falling 

Light rain 

Sunny and breezy 

Some clouds out 

Some shadows 

I wonder 

I wonder 

I wonder 

If the bunny was lost 

I felt happy and curious 

It felt like the bunny was needed to tell something

To me like it was my friend.




Jaisa's post, 22 April 2016

Jaisa 1 Comment(s) Science

This is why we recycle because it's a way that trash will not need to be turned into a product. THE RECYCLING LOOP. The recycling loop is a symbol for recycling so that mean each arrow a diffrent step in recycling.Why should we recycle? There are many benefits to recycling like when items are recycled there is less trash. This saves space in dumps and landfills.When we recycle we are use the products over and over. This can protect the earths natural resources.

Jaisa's post, 20 April 2016

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These are ladybugs they are getting longer and bigger. When the ladybugs are adults prepare 2 or 1 raisins, wash them off for 5 minutes dry them , drop them in ladybug world. I see that the caterpillars are in there chrysalis phase.

Jaisa's post, 19 April 2016

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These are tadpoles there back legs are there and they are getting bigger and bigger each day. I predict 6 to 10 weeks they will be a frog. I see that there tales are smaller. I see that they have veins on the sides on there heads.

Jaisa's post, 11 April 2016

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Dear mrs. Lofton ,

 My class really wants miss Jena to come and here are some of the reasons , she taught us that it is okay to be not perfect . She taught us how to draw I liked that one because she also told us that it is okay to make mistakes so I remembered that and it made fell okay about making mistakes . She also taught us important lessons with dogs like Newton 

He taught us that no body is perfect. So please let miss Jena come. 

                        One of your school panthers ,


Jaisa's post, 28 March 2016

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Hi my name is anebelle  I want a home. I will need dog food , a bed , and a safe home. I want you to take me to the vet when I am sick . I will not run away or bite or chew stuff. I am 7yrs old. I will love you for as long as we live.

Jaisa's Biography Post

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