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Sebastian's post, 19 May 2016

Sebastian 1 Comment(s) Portfolio

                      My School year 

1. I liked in this class is my friends my teacher and my school work and  my righting a essay about my mom and that Mrs. ...

Sebastian's post, 13 May 2016

Sebastian 0 Comment(s) Empower Hour

I like hour of empower because you can research build and find stuff like rockets,animals, and most of all sciences and technology. I am still researching about rockets and how they work.

Sebastian's post, 22 April 2016

Sebastian 1 Comment(s) Science

   Recycling is putting things that don't work into a   garbage can  the people who take the trash put it in a dumrpster. That's one thing how to recycle to save the earth putting and recycling into the trash. ...

Sebastian's post, 07 April 2016

Sebastian 2 Comment(s) Nphcblogit


Dear Ms.lofton,

I think Ms. Gena  should come because she reads happy and nice books to us. And tells us in the middle of the book you should always be nice to dogs because if you don't the dog will be scared or will bit you so be nice to dogs. And she lets ...

Sebastian's post, 31 March 2016

Sebastian 0 Comment(s) Nphcblogit


I think Annabelle is going to be happy now she has a family. And I think when she was in that stinky cage with cardboard and she had to youse it as the bathroom I think she wanted to bust out of that stinky old place she wood run shrat for the exist.


Sebastian's post, 29 March 2016

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Sebastian's post, 26 February 2016

Sebastian 4 Comment(s) Empower Hour


When I was Building the house that can fly I remembered that to make it fly I put two little yellow pols in the hols and put two blue circles and attached it to the yellow pols and when I tested it it work!! So now it can fly away from the bad guys.

Sebastian's post, 25 February 2016

Sebastian 0 Comment(s) Reading

The lessen he learned that he shod share the pond with the birds and the beaver and even that the birds keep chirping and the Beavers keep splashing you should never say stop that is my pond and you can't be in it and you bird have to stop chirping!!!!!!!.so sill from that day on you shod always be nice to them.

Sebastian's post, 23 February 2016

Sebastian 2 Comment(s) Science


I learned that seals can eat Samin. I also learned that wolves can live in Alaska and brown bears and I also learned that a hope back Whales throth is as big as a Origen. Also a hope back Whale has no teeth and I think that she said that the bigest glasher is about 2. Miles wide and 25. Stories high.

Sebastian's post, 04 February 2016

Sebastian 2 Comment(s) Writing

1. I liked building the Amy forchres with the blade and Posen.

2. I noticed that I cod put the blade in this long thing and it worked.

3. I learned that I cod make a ...