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Leighanna's post, 19 May 2016

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                   My school year 

In my school year I liked that I could make  new friends and I liked that I can have iPads and I liked that I can have the greatest teacher in the hole school year  and I liked that I could have fun in school . In my school year I learned everything I need to my school year I changed a lot once I was lazy in school and the next day I got my school year I wish I could get bigger and better cause my friends call me short and lazy.

In my school year I want to get better at  division.

Leighanna's post, 13 May 2016

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If I were an immigrant I would take all of my clothes and all of my food and all of my friends and family cause I love them and I have feelings for them they will always be in my heart forever and  forever I will never let go and they will never let go either it will be hard. I will miss my home the most it is important.

Leighanna's post, 12 May 2016

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Leighanna's post, 12 May 2016

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                   My poem













Leighanna's post, 19 April 2016

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Dear MRS. Lofton,

Can we bring miss Jena to our school ? please 

She's kind and lovable she helps me   Learn .she thought me how too draw. SHE told me that all of us are not perfect  even if we do something wrong were still not perfect.



Leighanna's post, 13 April 2016

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Hi I,m graceThe stuff I need is the kindness that children have. I need dog food and dog treats i need dog cloths for the hot and cold 

I need exercise and water dog bed with blanket dog toys and dog bath stuff and she'll need a dog cage and she'll need a fence

Leighanna's post, 14 March 2016

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In the chapter 5  the father was in the river then it got to muddy his boots got stuck then he pulled his boots  off  and was bear foot and then he seen seven tigers in then he seen 5.

Leighanna's post, 14 March 2016

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This is my badge I got it from the glacier bay national park I learned about humpback whales and seals otters  and salmon  orca seals and I learned that moose and wolves  and bears walk around the water.i also learned about bears black bears and brown bears. I leaned about the seals is that :seals stay on land and when they are hungry they dive into the water and swim and find clam than they try to get it opened but he  couldn't so he got a rock and opened it and ate the clam food inside 

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Leighanna's post, 19 February 2016

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My project was awesome because I got to teach everyone so they can learn about weather  I like weather because spring is the best  because you get to wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts. 

What I learned was that you always have  to be in shelter and be safe wherever you're at always have shelter what was hard was that the body kept on falling apart  what was easy  it was easy putting the flat together .