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Step 2: Download our APP or login online

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Step 3: Subscribe Parents

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Access the teacher settings panel to add profile photos, check privacy settings and lots more.


Have a look at some of our top features...

Easy To Setup

  • Create your class and individual student blogs in minutes.
  • Select and add subjects.
  • Simple to subscribe and notify class parents.

Easy To Use

  • iPad and Browser Friendly
  • Share news, photos and videos with parents in a few clicks.
  • Have students independently share their learning.
  • Create photo, video, audio-over-photo (coming soon to the browser!) or text posts.
  • Have students create eportfolios.
  • Notify parents of new posts.

Easy to Secure

  • Choose between open or private blogs with a single tap.
  • Moderate students’ posts and view comments.
  • Securely signup parents.
  • Protect student profiles.
  • Parents can choose who to share their child's blog with.


It makes web publishing as simple as it should be.

The Guardian

It's 20 types of awesome!

S Kirkwood,ADE

Singapore American School

One day with it and I’m sold!

D Caleb,ADE

United World College South East Asia